Bill Harris

billLGPlaywright, poet, critic, and novelist, Bill Harris is a Professor of English at Wayne State University in Detroit. He was formerly Production Coordinator for Jazzmobile, and the New Federal Theatre, both in New York. His plays have had more than one hundred productions nationwide. His latest book, Booker T & Them: A Blues, is an examination in long poem form of the era of Booker T. Washington. It was published by Wayne State University Press in 2012. WSUP is also the publisher of his previous book, Birth of a Notion; Or, The Half Ain’t Never Been Told, A Narrative Account with Entertaining Passages of the State of Minstrelsy & of America & the True Relation Thereof. Focusing on the middle 18th century when minstrelsy was king, it is a hybrid combining prose, poetry, play script, and screenwriting techniques to signify on ideas of “blackness” and “whiteness” through various characters and voices. He is currently working on three novels, one set in 1954, a second in 1854, and the third, the story of a young blind entertainer rising to fame during the 1940s and 50s.