Meet Keith Taylor

Editor’s Note: All this week we’ll continue posting micro-portraits and/or interesting news about this year’s 2013 presenters at The State of the Book Literary Symposium, which will take place in Ann Arbor on Saturday, September 28, in Rackham Auditorium. All events are free and open to the public. Thank you!
State of the Book presenter Keith Taylor, at his summer work station at the University of Michigan Biological Station.

“Most recent collections of poems are Marginalia for a Natural History and If the World Becomes So Bright, both of which have poems generated from spending time in the Michigan forest.

“Fun fact: Although much of what I do now is done as a representative of Michigan writing and as a person fairly knowledgeable about the literature of the upper Midwest, I am actually from Western Canada and remain a Canadian citizen. ‘Go figure.'”

Here’s the first poem in Marginalia, about the possibilities of the northern forest:

Passage to Eden
for Pete and Judith Becker

. . .
just to let you know that the true gate
to paradise is on an island
in a small lake, some far northern place
protected by seven months of cold
and ice, then four more of mosquitoes,
black flies, armies of them. Wolves and bear
if you’re feeling brave. A few of us
know where it is, but we’re not telling.